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    Baby Liam - Toronto Newborn, Child and Family Photograher

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Every year for last 16 years I have been going to Thanksgiving at the Forty's house. It is always my favorite holiday of the year and so exciting to watch everyone bring new babies into the "family" over the years. Christine and Richard recently welcomed their sweet baby boy Liam. I was pretty excited that I got to meet him when he was still so small. Of course, I stole him away for a few photos :)


    2 Responses to “Baby Liam - Toronto Newborn, Child and Family Photograher”

    1. Wow Danielle, these are so fantastic!! I'm SO glad you did this, we couldn't be happier. You captured some really fantastic moments that we, with the 800+ pictures we have taken in the past 4 weeks, have not yet captured. You're amazing, thanks a million! p.s. Has it been 16 years?!!! Wow!

    2. Danielle, your photos are fantastic. You capture the most amazing shots!!
      Grateful Grandma